Professional Photography FAQ

Where do you do headshot photography and dating photo sessions?

Studio headshot photo sessions happen at my pop-up space in downtown Issaquah, just off I90. 

Outdoor and on-location photo sessions (like dating profile photos) can happen just about anywhere in the greater Seattle area. 

It all depends on the look and feel you're going for with your photos. If you have a location in mind for your photo session, great! If you're unsure, I have plenty of favorite spots to recommend for both professional headshots and dating photos.
corporate headshot photographer studio

Will you help me decide what to wear for my photography session? 

Most definitely! What you wear for your headshots and dating photos has a big impact on both how you are perceived by others *and* how you feel while you're having your picture taken (which may not seem like it matters but your energy and emotional state does translate in photos).

Before your photo session we'll discuss the general vibe and attitude you want to project and I'll help you narrow down clothes from there. I've also got a couple of recommendations for fabulous personal stylists who can help you if you're due for a larger larger-scale wardrobe update.

What happens if it rains on the day I scheduled my Seattle headshot or dating photography session?

We'll be in touch in the days leading up to your professional photoshoot and if the weather forecast predicts rain or freezing temperatures, we'll reschedule, no biggie.

What background colors do you have for studio portraits and headshot photos?

Background options for studio headshots are clean and classic: white, light gray, or dark gray. Other colors are available upon request (may incur an added charge).
studio headshot photos white background
studio headshot photos light gray background
studio headshot photos dark gray background

I usually hate how I look in photos...

You're in good company! Very few people (myself included) are stoked about having their picture taken. We've all had our share of cringe-worthy photography experiences but a headshot or dating photo shoot with me is not going to be one of them. A lot of not liking how we look in photos boils down to unflattering lighting, distortion-causing camera angles, and awkward/stiff facial expressions and body language. 

When you hire me as your headshot photographer or for dating profile photos, I've got your back on all three of those fronts. As you look at the photos on this site, it can be helpful to remind yourself that all of these are normal people just like you (aka not actors or models). Most of them were also unsure in front of a camera and told me some version of "I have no idea what I'm doing". 

All I need from you to set you up with fantastic new photos is a positive attitude, following some basic instructions, and a little bit of trust.

Do you do photo retouching?

For professional and business headshots, yes, photo retouching comes standard (each type of session includes a specific number of retouched photos and you can always order more later).  

Headshot photo retouching typically involves a little teeth whitening, removing temporary blemishes, reducing shine, fixing stray hairs, etc.. Basically, I make sure you look your best without looking fake or Photoshopped. 

Dating profile photos don't come with retouching and for good reason. You can read more about why on the Dating Photos FAQ page.
headshot photo retouching

Can you refer me to a good professional hair and make-up artist for my photo session?

I sure can! Just ask. 

*For what it's worth, I don't think professional hair or makeup are necessary unless you're an actor, model, or performer of some sort. You can learn more about my take on professional hair & makeup for each type of photography on the Headshots FAQ page and the Dating Photos FAQ page.

What is your typical turnaround time for finished headshot and dating photos?

Turnaround time for final photos depends on the project but I typically move pretty fast. 1-2 weeks is a good general rule. If you need your headshots or dating photos sooner than that just let me know when you book your photo session.

Want more detail on specific types of photo sessions?

My approaches to business headshots and dating profile photos are pretty different as you might imagine. Check out session-specific FAQ pages for more detail:
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