Hi, I'm Andrea

Seattle Portrait photographer
If you don't typically like how you look in photos, if you feel uncomfortable or awkward in front of a camera, you are a NORMAL PERSON; you are my kind of person.

What makes me a great headshot and dating profile photographer is less about my technical skills and more about my way with people (when folks leave me reviews, 9 times out of 10 this is what they call out). 

I believe every person is their most magnetic and attractive when they are relaxed and unselfconscious.

I don't believe you need to be transformed with professional hair & make-up or a new wardrobe to look fantastic on camera. And I won't photoshop you to look substantially different than you look in real life. You are just fine as you are.

My secret sauce for making people look authentically engaged and confident in their professional headshots and dating profile photos is by actually engaging them in real life.

How do I make people feel confident & relaxed on camera? 

If I had a recipe I would definitely share it, but I'm kinda like a granny with a "special casserole"--it's a little different every time and it changes depending on my mood and the person I'm cooking for (lol! I love metaphors but mine always seem to unravel toward the end. You get the picture). 

What I can tell you is that some of the ingredients are: 

-- Empathy (I get that you're probably out of your comfort zone)

-- Candor (I'm honest as hell. If I compliment you, I mean it)

-- Humor (frequently self-deprecating)

-- A fair amount of acting / demonstrating / looking silly

-- Groans and grunts of approval (when I love what I'm seeing on camera, you'll know)

-- Occasional swear words :)
“I think what I appreciate the most about Andrea is her ability to adapt to the person in front of her. She makes others feel comfortable by sharing her own experiences, acknowledging the vulnerability of the moment, and always with a great sense of humor."


Senior Portfolio Manager
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If I seem like someone who could put you at ease in front of a camera...

I'd love to take your picture