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Professional Headshot Photographer
young professional headshot photographer in Seattle

Having a headshot you feel great about *is* possible.

 You don't need to be photogenic to radiate authentic warmth & confidence in your professional headshot << I can coax this out of you. 
Read about my approach as a portrait photographer
Seattle headshot photographer for women
5 star Seattle Photographer
"Andrea immediately put my awkward self at ease. Her friendly, cool vibe makes it easy to relax and have a genuine smile."


Private Equity Controller

Headshot, Portrait & Lifestyle Photography Prices 


Studio headshot portrait of man on gray backdrop

This is for you if...

You need one brand new "damn I look good" professional headshot and you're ready to knock it out asap.

Ideal for updating your Linkedin profile photo, and/or providing a headshot for conferences, applications, panels, or press releases.

The Quickie headshot session will set you up to look confident and poised when it matters most. You'll be in and out in 20 minutes and you'll have your new professional headshot within 3 business days.
[limited locations & availability]

1 outfit + layering

Gallery of 10+ downloadable photos

$350 + tax

1 hour

three CEO headshot photos

This is for you if...

You need new professional headshots *plural*, potentially for different uses or audiences.

 OR...maybe you've got more than your share of baggage about having your picture taken (folks who say "I've never had a photo of myself that I've liked" <<I'm talking to you).

The 1-hour headshot session gives us time for changes of clothes, a range of backdrops, more variety of poses, and time to sink in and explore different sides of your professional persona.
[studio or on-location]

2 outfits + layering

gallery of 40+ downloadable photos

$560  + tax

2 hours

Bellevue Senior Portrait Photo

This is for you if...

You don't just need new professional headshots, you need a collection of headshots, environmental portraits, personal branding, and/or custom stock photos to showcase your business and your brand.

Maybe you're building or revamping your website or preparing for a marketing push.

The 2-hour portrait session is about building a diverse library of visual assets to help tell the story of who you are and what you do. 
[studio or on-location]

4 outfits + layering

gallery of 80+ downloadable photos

$875 + tax
*Gallery images are edited but not retouched (retouching is pixel-by-pixel modifications like smoothing skin, flyaway hairs, removing objects from the background, etc). If you would like to add retouching to a few of your favorite photos you can order it through your gallery for $25/photo. 

*All photo sessions subject to sales tax
Amazon Business Headshot
Beautiful woman profile photo
5 star Seattle Photographer
"Andrea is such a PRO! Im in love with my headshots! She facilitated a super fun photoshoot with three different looks, great conversation, and in a studio with wide open air that gave great lighting and felt covid safe! The final results are gorgeous!"

- Dalya

Senior Program Manager


for small businesses & solopreneurs
seattle consultant lifestyle branding photo
custom stock photo

Photos of you in your element

For folks who need more than just a headshot, lifestyle portrait & branding sessions are about building a library of images that showcase your business, your values, and your brand for your website and social media.

For small business owners, solopreneurs, coaches, real estate agents, performers, consultants, and artists.
law firm business photographermusician portrait
personal trainer portrait
Bumble photographer Portland
real estate agent portrait
custom stock photography for business owner
5 star Seattle Photographer
"Andrea exudes professionalism, eye for detail, confidence in direction, & ability to assure the client is comfortable. All theses details bundled together result in amazing photographs. She is a rare gem and a talent in her Industry. I couldn’t recommend her services enough and look forward to working with her again in the future."


Jewelry Designer
jewelry detail photo
health coach branding portrait
wellness coach lifestyle photo
Check out more photos from health & wellness coach Caiti's 2hr branding & lifestyle photoshoot
redmond headshot photRedmond headshot photo
5 star Seattle Photographer
"Boy did I get lucky and win the jack pot with Andrea. This was my first ever professional photoshoot and in general, I'm not one to take a lot of pictures of myself. It became clear from the beginning that I was working with a seasoned pro who had a clear plan and was completely transparent on prep/expectations. She was very personable and made hours worth of pictures fly by; I am incredibly happy with the results."

- Ben

Sales Lead

Book your Headshot Portrait Session

I'm excited to hear from you! Tell me about the kind of photography I can help you with. Professional headshots? Personal branding? Some of each?

*It's totally okay if you're not entirely sure exactly what you'er looking for; I'm happy to help you think it through.

I usually reply within 2ish business days, typically with a quick text to set up a phone call to get to know you a little better. If it seems like a good fit, we'll get wheels in motion planning a photoshoot that's right for you.

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