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quick & easy on-site headshot photography for businesses
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"Our company needed leadership headshots and workplace photos for updating our corporate website and various marketing and branding activities. Working with Andrea was a huge win for us. 

She took the time to understand our company aesthetic, provided artistic guidance and support to ensure all participants were comfortable, had fun, and ultimately produced amazing work at a reasonable price. Andrea is impressive – and so is the interface she employs to manage the business. It is easy to review and execute contracts, schedule participants, make payments, view galleries and request touch ups. HIGHLY RECOMMEND – not enough stars."


Biotech team
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5 star Seattle Photographer
"My company hired Andrea for a 50+ person headshot photo project. Andrea was prompt and organized through the preparation process and warm and welcoming to our team. I had many compliments from my team about Andrea and the headshots turned out great!"


Marketing Manager

Business Headshot Styles


Streamlined headshots in the comfort of your office
studio corporate headshots seattle
Studio headshot photos are crisp & timeless and make maintaining consistency over time a cinch.  

As people join your team, we can perfectly match their business headshot to the rest of the team.


Natural-light headshots outdoors or at your office
outdoor corporate headshots seattle
Natural-light team headshot photos let you showcase your people with a bit of variety & context.

We'll pick a convenient location with backgrounds that help communicate your brand values.
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corporate headshot on brick
company headshot on brick
Why take the chance that someone's first encounter with your company will be Chad's off-brand kayaking LinkedIn profile photo? (in Chad's defense, he's young and doesn't know any better)

Polished and cohesive team headshots send a powerful message of unity and professionalism to your customers, clients, & investors.
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  • after business headshot
Does your company have specific headshot photography guidelines that you need me to follow?
No problem.

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group portraits & workplace lifestyle photography
executive team lifestyle photo
corporate photo of man writing on whiteboard
Sometimes you don't just need headshots of individual team members, you need photos of your team *as a team*. While can do a traditional team photo ("everybody say cheese!"), there are also other creative ways to show off your people including:

- workplace lifestyle photos (your people doing what they do best)

- team composite photos (a flexible alternative to a typical group photo)
law firm business photographerlaw firm business photographer
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Real estate business portrait photographer

The Composite Team Photo

an elegant solution for evolving teams
seattle corporate pheadshots
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Businesses love it because...


Looking your best in a photo is tough. Looking your best at the exact moment that all your teammates are also looking their best? Damn-near impossible.

Shooting individual portraits of each team member means we don't have to settle for "good enough" or pray that nobody blinked. I take the time to coach and draw our each person’s strongest portrait, then stitch them together for a group shot that conveys your team’s full potency.


Keeping an up-to-date company photo is tough when you're growing. Nobody wants to reshoot the photo every time someone leaves or joins the team.

Modifying the team photo is a snap. When somebody leaves the team I can send over a fresh team photo, sans the old team member, lickity-split. Added someone to the team? Send them in for a solo photo session and we'll add them to the team photo.


customized photography for your company website, marketing, & social media
stock photo with laptop
black and white building stock photo
Replace generic stock photos on your company website with authentic, custom stock photos of your actual people and workplace. 

We can work from a shot list, creating photos for specific use on pages of your website (a hero image here, a detail shot there...).

Or, we can create a library of custom stock photos for your web designer & marketing team to have their way with.
law firm business photographerwoman writing stock photo
biotech company photo seattle
biotech seattle headshot photo
biotech seattle headshot photobiotech company photo seattle

Corporate Photography Testimonials

seattle company headshots
"The composite team photo is a great idea since we’re an evolving team and adding new people. It’s great to not have to re-shoot the entire group photo every time someone joins."


Real Estate Team
real estate headshot photographer


Real Estate Team
"Andrea did a great job with our team and individual photos. She was extremely friendly and fun to work with and got our photos back to us quickly. We have had to request multiple additions to our team photo and she is always quick to respond and help."
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Financial Services Team
"We brought Andrea in to do individual team headshots and a group photo. Each person required a different type of care and Andrea was able to do that. Her unique technique in building our team photo was equally impressive and gives us the easy ability to change it as our firm evolves."


Banking Team
"We hired Andrea to take over 100 headshots for our company. She was thoughtful in her implementation, quick to communicate and make requested changes, and her scheduling tool was very helpful (employees could easily sign up or reschedule when needed). She took personalized care with each employee to guarantee they loved their new headshot."

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