Boudoir Photography FAQ

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So...COVID. Can I hire you as my online dating photographer right now?

You sure can! In fact, I'm shooting more dating photos now than ever because, as one client put it recently, "online dating is the only dating right now". So, how do we handle safety, masks etc.? Well, most dating profile photo shoots happen almost entirely outdoors so we're already in good shape there. Plus, I'll keep my mask on the whole time and, as we're walking from place to place, you can wear one too.

I have no idea what I'm doing and feel awkward in front of a camera...

Lol! I wish I had a dollar for every time a client said something like this. You do not need to know what you're doing to have stellar dating photos. Let me say it louder for the people in the back: 


Your only job is to have a good attitude and follow directions. 

And re: awkwardness... a dating photo session with me is less like you're modeling or posing and more like you’re going for a walk with a bossy new friend and her camera. Yes, I will coach you on where to sit or stand and how to position your body so you look relaxed and attractive but mostly we'll be having one long running conversation and I'll be shooting the whole time.  

Where do we go for an online dating photography session?

We can rock an online dating photo session just about anywhere in Seattle and the Puget Sound. For dating profile photos I typically I like to choose a location that’s relevant to you, whether it’s your hood or a favorite stomping grounds, or maybe it’s just somewhere with that gritty urban vibe that you love. We'll choose a rendezvous spot and shoot your dating photos in the surrounding area. For longer dating photo sessions we may drive to a second or third location.

What happens if it rains in Seattle on the day I booked you as my dating profile photographer?

We'll be in touch in the days leading up to your dating profile photo session and if the weather forecast predicts rain or freezing temperatures, we'll reschedule, no biggie.

As my dating profile photographer will you help me decide what to wear?

Absolutely! What you wear for your dating profile photos has a big impact on how your pics turn out so I've got your back on wardrobe. 

When you book your dating photo session I'll send you a packing list of what clothes (and how many) to bring. For some people, this is all they need. 

If you need more help picking clothes for your dating photos you can add a Zoom Style Consult to your photo session. We'll go through your closet together and pick out all the clothes you'll bring for the photo shoot.

If you're due for a full-blown wardrobe overhaul including shopping for new clothes, I can refer you to my favorite local stylist and he'll get you looking (and feeling!) like a million bucks.

Should I get professional hair or make-up done for my dating photo session?

This one is about personal preference but I'll give you my honest take: No, you don't need professional hair and make-up for your dating photos. This goes for men and for women both. 

Your dating photos are marketing of sorts; you're marketing yourself. And if you're playing a long game here (you want to actually meet people and go on not just first dates but second and third dates), it's crucial that you represent yourself honestly. So having the level of polish to your appearance that typically results from professional styling, unless you regularly look that polished, could actually work against you. You don't want anybody feeling surprised when they meet you in person.

All that being said, if having a pro groom you would make a big difference in how you *feel* going into your dating photo session (more confident, more relaxed), then that's meaningful. Just be sure to ask for a super subtle, natural look and keep it as close to your everyday appearance as possible. For what it's worth, none of the people in the dating photos on this website had professional hair or make-up done before their shoot.

Do I have to buy photos from my dating photo session? 

Nope! Your dating photos come included with the session. After your session (within about a week) you get a super slick private online gallery where you can download all your pics (more than enough to try out different ones on your dating profiles and see which perform best for you).
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