Headshot Photos FAQ

Where will my headshot photo session take place?

Where we do your photo session depends on the style of photography you want.

On-location / natural-light / outdoor headshot sessions can happen pretty much anywhere in the greater Seattle area. 

For studio business headshots you’ll come to my pop-up portrait studio in downtown Issaquah. (Do not trust Yelp! They have had me listed in Laurelhurts for years and despite multiple attempts on my part I can't get this corrected. Issaquah, not Laurelhurst!)
corporate headshot photographer studio

My company has specific professional headshot guidelines, can you match their requirements?

What background colors do you have for studio headshot photos?

I keep it pretty clean and classic when it comes to studio headshot background colors. White, light gray, and dark gray are standard. They're neutral, they look great with all complexions, they play nice on company websites, and they'll never go out of style.

That said, if there is another background color you want I can usually get it, I just need a little lead time to order it.
studio headshot photos white background
studio headshot photos light gray background
studio headshot photos dark gray background

How should I prepare for my professional headshots?

When you book your photoshoot you’ll get a confirmation email with a link to a Headshot Style Guide. It has tips and best practices for what personal appearance choices work best for professional headshots. What do I mean by “work best”? I mean looking, at a split-second glance, confident, professional, like you belong in your industry, and clearly have got your shit together (aka: like a boss).

Do you recommend I get my hair and make-up professionally done for my business headshots?

Generally no, and for good reason. Building trust and credibility in business requires setting and meeting expectations so it’s important that you look in your business headshot like you look in real life. 

If someone meets you in person after having seen your headshot and they feel surprised, you’re off to a bad start. That means your hair and makeup target is your everyday best, not “flawless” or heavily made-up. 

That said, if having a professional do your hair and make-up would make you feel more confident showing up for your headshot photo session, you have my full blessing (confidence matters!). If you choose to get your hair and make-up done, be sure to ask your stylist for a very “natural” look. 

My favorite makeup artist located just down the street from my Issaquah studio is Megan @ Hologram Beauty.

Will you retouch my professional headshots?

I retouch all final headshots super gently so you look great but not Photoshopped. 

Again—your professional headshot should look like you look in person. Retouching usually involves a little teeth whitening, removing temporary blemishes, lightening dark undere-ye circles, reducing shine, etc..
headshot photo retouching

What forms of payment do you accept for headshot photos?

You can pay for your headshot photography with any major credit card.

How soon will I get my new professional headshot?

My typical turnaround time for professional headshots is 3-5 days but if you’re in a furious hurry and need your new headshot same-day I can work with that too (rush fees may apply).
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