Business Headshots FAQ

My company is looking for a corporate headshot photographer to come to our office, do you do this?

Absolutely! In fact, I typically do company headshot sessions on-site because it's just so much more efficient when people can get new headshots without leaving the office.

For studio headshot photos I bring my pop-up photo studio to you and set up in a conference room, lobby, or office (all I need from you is about 12x12 feet of floor space and an outlet). 

Or, for more in-context business headshots we can use the environment in or around your office as our backdrop, taking advantage of natural light. If there's a local landmark that's meaningful to your brand that can work too (I've done photo sessions for teams at Gasworks Park, the Seattle Public Library, etc.).
corporate headshot photographer studio

We need a Seattle headshot photographer to match the style of the rest of our team's headshot photos (we're based out of state). Can you do that?

I sure can! When companies need me to match the look and feel of existing headshot photos it's best to send over sample photos as well as technical specs (if you have them) from your main professional headshot photographer. Assuming it's doable (it almost always is) I’m happy to match your Seattle team headshot photos to the rest of the crew.

We've got quite a large team, how do you handle scheduling & logistics?

I've got a process for project-managing company headshots that has been honed over many years and is a well-oiled machine at this point. Here's the gist:

1.) You and I iron out the date and time of the photography session, how many people are being photographed, and where (say, conference room B). 

2.) I'll send you a link to a private online scheduling page which you will pass along to the team. At that point, you can kick back and relax, I've got it from here.

3.) Team members use the link to sign up for a time slot that works for them. They get a confirmation email with their scheduled session time along with a convenient "add to your calendar" button, and a Headshots Style Guide with tips on grooming and what to wear. (Oops, Jimmy accidentally double booked himself during a client call? No problem--rescheduling is a snap and can be done with two clicks from the confirmation email).

4.) Everybody gets an automated reminder email 24 hrs before their photo session so we minimize the chance that anybody will forget and show up in a rumpled T-shirt.

That's it! I make it efficient and easy to get your entire team set up with fresh business headshots (whether your team is 8 people or 150).

What background colors do you have for studio headshot photos?

I keep it pretty clean and classic when it comes to studio headshot background colors. White, light gray, and dark gray are standard. They're neutral, they look great with all complexions, they play nice on company websites, and they'll never go out of style. 

That said, if  there is another color you want (say, navy blue to match your brand), I can usually get it, I just need a little lead time to order it.
studio headshot photos white background
studio headshot photos light gray background
studio headshot photos dark gray background

We need headshot photos AND a photo of our entire team, do you do both?

All the time! A lot of the companies I work with want both business headshots and a photo of the entire team (or the executive team). Since most of the companies I work with are growing, I rarely shoot traditional company group photos any more. It's just such a pain in the ass to round everybody up (not to mention the lost man hours) to reshoot the group photo any time someone leaves or joins the team. In fact, most companies who get a traditional team photo never reshoot it and it just persists as a source of annoyance because it's always out-of-date.

For a more versatile solution to the company photo question, I offer a composite team photo which stitches together individual photos into an adaptable final image. It lets us get everybody looking their absolute best AND, it’s easy to modify when people join or leave the team. Learn more HERE. *Best for teams of 8 or fewer people.

Will you retouch our business headshots and team photos?

Yes, photo retouching is included with every business headshots session unless you tell me that you don't want it (some teams want to handle image processing in-house and that's ok too). 

My goal as a headshot photographer is to make your team members look their best. That process starts with pre-session prep (tips on grooming, what to wear etc.), then coaching during the session to draw our warm and relaxed facial expressions and confident body language, and it typically ends with photo retouching.  

I retouch with a super soft hand so people look polished but not Photoshopped. Headshot photo retouching usually involves a little teeth whitening, removing temporary blemishes and under-eye circles, disappearing stray hairs, reducing shine, etc..
headshot photo retouching

How do we pay for our company headshot photography?

Corporate headshot clients can pay for photography by credit card, check, or ACH, whichever you prefer. 

How long will it take to get our finished company headshots and team photos?

Turnaround time depends on how large your team is but typically I deliver finished business headshots within 2 weeks of the photo session. If you need your team photos faster, just let me know in advance and we'll work with your timeline.